Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems XIV

October 24 - 27, 2004
Pasadena California

ADASS 2004

Alphabetical List of Oral Sessions
By Author's Lastname

Ghaleb Abdulla - Simulation of the Future LSST Data Pipeline
S. G. Ansari - GaiaGrid : Its Implication and Implementation
Colin Aspin - The Gemini Science Archive: Current Status and Future Prospects
Charles Backus - Hires: Super-resolution for the Spitzer Infrared Telescope
Emmanuel Bertin - SExtractor, ten years after
Tony Chan - Blind Deconvolution and Super-Resolution Imaging Algorithm
Tim Cornwell - W projection: a new algorithm for wide field imaging with radio synthesis arrays
Roc Cutri - The 2MASS Extended Mission and Ancillary Data Products
Ewa Deelman - Using Grid Technologies to Support Large-Scale Astronomy Applications
Drew Devereux - An O(NlogM) Algorithm for Catalogue Matching
Carlos Gabriel - XMM-Newton: Approaching 5 years of succesful science operations
Jeffrey P. Gardner - A Framework for Parallel Data Analysis on a Distributed Grid
David Giaretta - VO-enabling a major astronomical analysis and reduction software system
Alexander Gray - Fast Algorithms for Massive-Scale Classification Problems: Toward 1 Million Quasars
William Joye - Development of SAOImage DS9: Lessons learned from a small but successful software project
Nick Kaiser - Pan-STARRS
Anton Koekemoer - The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS)
Tevfik Kosar - Reliable, Automatic Transfer and Processing of Large Scale Astronomy Datasets
Tony Linde - Features of the AstroGrid approach to Virtual Observatory architecture
Colin Lonsdale - Simulating the Performance of the Square Kilometer Array
Justin Maki - The Mars Exploration Rover Imaging System
David Makovoz - Mosaicking with MOPEX
L. Michel - SAADA: Astronomical Databases Made Easy
Mehrdad Moshir - Spitzer Space Telescope Data Processing and Algorithmic Complexity
F. Ochsenbein - Interoperability in action: the Aladin Experience
William O'Mullane - OpenSkyQuery & OpenSkyNode - the VO Framework to Federate Astronomy Archives
Pedro Osuna - VOSpec: A tool for handling Virtual Observatory compliant Spectra
Paolo Padovani - Science with Virtual Observatory tools
Ray Plante - Registries and Publishing in the Virtual Observatory
Greg Schwarz - Linking and tagging initiatives at the Astrophysical Journal
Eric Sessoms - Hardware Acceleration for Astronomical Data Analysis
Alvaro Soto - Detection of Rare Objects in Massive Astrophysical Datasets Using Innovative Knowledge Discovery Technology
Julio Valdez - Visual Data Mining of Astronomic Data with Virtual Reality Spaces: Understanding the Underlying Structure of Large Data Sets.
David Van Dyk - Model-Based Count-Limited Image Restoration
Roland Walter - INTEGRAL and its Science Data Centre
Nicholas A Walton - Deploying the AstroGrid: Science Use Ready
Michael Werner - The Spitzer Space Telescope - Scientific Results and Data Analysis Challenges


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