Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems XIV

October 24 - 27, 2004
Pasadena California

ADASS 2004

Alphabetical List of Poster Sessions
By Author's Lastname

Hans-Martin Adorf - Assembly and Classification of Spectral Energy Distributions – A new VO Web Service
Alasdair Allan - FROG: Time Series Analysis for the Web Service Era
Steven L. Allen - FITS World Coordinates for DEIMOS Slitmasks
Christophe ARVISET - ESA-VO : European Space Based Astronomy through the VO
Paul Barrett - matplotlib - a portable Python plotting package
Andrew Beard - The Use of CANbus in CARMA
U. Becciani - An Astrocomp-Grid based parallel tool for the analysis of light curve sequences of magnetically active close binaries
Mathias Beck - INTEGRAL reprocessed data and public data archive
Kevin Benson - AstroGrid and the Registry: Enabling Resource Discovery
G. Bruce Berriman - he Design of the W. M. Keck Observatory Archive
S. Bhatnagar - Mosaicing with interferometric radio telescopes: Efficient algorithm for imaging and image plane corrections.
Anton Biryukov - Software for detection of Optical Transients in observations with Rapid Wide-Field Camera
Sarah Blecksmith - The Chandra Bibliography Database: Bibliographic Statistics
Kirk Borne - Data Mining in Distributed Databases for Interacting Galaxies
Rychard Bouwens - The BUCS Library for Cloning Complete Galaxy Samples
Heidi Brandenburg - Using Perl in Basic Science and CalibrationPipelines for Spitzer Infrared Array Camera Data
Douglas Burke - Extending Sherpa with S-Lang
Brad Cavanagh - Architecture of the eSTAR/WFCAM Transient Object Detection Agent
Anil Chandra - A visualisation system for large remote astronomical images
Joe Chavez - Software Architecture of the Spitzer Space Telescope Uplink/Archive
Igor Chilingarian - MIGALE: milstones and roadmap
De Clarke - Extending and Customising DS9
Joerg M. Colberg - Integrating Legacy Code Into Virtual Observatories - A Test Case
Andrew Connolly - Data Mining in the Era of Virtual Observatorie
Alberto Conti - GALEX Services for the Virtual Observatory
Andrew Cooke - IRAF Package for GNIRS Data Reduction
Tim Cornwell - Radio Frequency Interference excision without a reference horn
Alessandro Costa - Integration of an MPP system and astrophysical applications in the INFN-GRID
Chenzhou CUI - VOTFilter, Bridging VO Services to Industrial Desktop Application
Malcolm Currie - A photometric comparison of the Eclipse and ORAC-DR pipelines for ISAAC
Adrian Damian - Data Processing Discovery Agents in Gemini Science Archive
Davenhall A.C. - MySpace: distributed data storage for the VO
John E. Davis - Analyzing the Cas A Megasecond in Less than a Megasecond
Jean-Pierre De Cuyper - The D4A Digitiser
Shaun de Witt - Telescope Observation Markup Language (TOML) Definition and Use
Adam Dobrzycki - FITS keyword database at the European Southern Observatory
John Fowler - Linearization of Spitzer Infrared Spectrometer Data Via Minimization of Chi-Square With Correlated Errors
Elizabeth Galle - The CIAO Website Unveiled
Severin Gaudet - Overview of the Gemini Science Archive
Andy Gibb - Design of the SCUBA-2 Quick-Look Display and Data Reduction Pipeline
Sharon Goliath - Meta-Data Management in the Gemini Science Archive
Juan Carlos Gomez - Two-Dimensional Fitting of Brightness Profiles in Galaxy Images with Evolution Strategies
John C. Good - The Architecture of the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA)
Matthew J. Graham - VOStat: a distributed statistical toolkit for the Virtual Observatory
Norman Gray - Porting the Starlink Software Collection to GNU Autoconf
Preben Grosbol - Requirements for a Future Astronomical Data Analysis Environment
Uta Grothkopf - The ESO Telescope Bibliography Web Interface -- Linking Publications and Observations
David Grumm - Post-pipeline processing of Deep Spitzer data for the GOODS Legacy Project
Jonas Haase -
Towards the Optimal Association of Hubble ACS Images.
Vivek Haridas - FITS Image Cutout
Paul Harrison - The AstroGrid Common Execution Architecture
David Henderson - MIPS Germanium Pipeline Organization and Implementation
Ted Hesselroth - A Java Thick Client User Interface for Grid Processing.
Martin Hill - The Publisher's AstroGrid Library
Brian Hills - EdSkyQuery-G: a data federation Grid architecture for astronomy
Philip Hodge - Concurrent science and wavecal COS data
Joseph C. Jacob - Grist: Grid Data Mining for Astronomy
M.A. Jarnyk - An Overview of the Mount Stromlo Observatory Telescope Control System
T.H. Jarrett - Mining the Astronomical Archives for the "Tadpole" Galaxy
Robert Jedrzejewski - Multidrizzle: Automated Image Combination and Cosmic-Ray Identification Software
Vicki Johnson - N-body simulations with GRAPE-6a and MD-GRAPE2 acceleration hardware
Mark D. Johnston - Optimizing Observing Sequence Design for both Periodic and Non-periodic Phenomena: A Bayesian Approach
Takeshi Kamazaki - The Remote Control System for the ASTE Telescope
Inga Kamp - The Multimission Archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute in the context of VO activities
Jeff Kern - The ALMA Real Time Monitor and Control Bus
Mitsuhiro Kohama - Real time response DB system of MAXI ground software
Mih-seh Kong - ROME (Request Object Management Environment)
K. Simon Krughoff - A Source Extraction Web Service with Cross Matching Capability
Sergey Kudryavtsev - Harmonic development of an arbitrary function of the Moon/Sun/planets coordinates to Poisson series
Martin Kuemmel - AXedrizzle - Spectral 2D Resampling using Drizzle
Uwe Lammers - Mission in a Nutshell: The Gaia Parameter Database
Wen Lee - Caltrans Keeps the Spitzer Pipelines Moving
Jamie Leech - A survey of software for the manipulation and visualisation of 3-D sub-mm spectral line datasets
Marco Leoni - VO Software: Overview of the past twelve months of Prototypes & Tools
James R. Lewis - VISTA Data Flow System: Pipeline Processing for WFCAM and VISTA
S.F. Likhachev - Generalized algorithm of entropic deconvolution
Jeff Lusted - The AstroGrid Portal and Workflow
Daniel Magee - WBUCS: A web simulator for deep galaxy fields
A. Mahabal - Time Domain Explorations With Digital Sky Surveys
Valeri Makarov - Global covariance analysis of the SIM astrometric grid
Bob Mann - XML data in the Virtual Observatory
F. Masci - Processing of 24 Micron Data at the Spitzer Science Center: the First Year of Flight Data
Keiichi Matsuzaki - Configurable format conversion tool from XML to FITS with binary extensions
Steve Mazuk - On the use of IDL for instrument control.
William Jon McCann - Using FITSCUT to Create Color Images
Michael McCollough - The Impact of the ACIS Readout Streak and Pileup on Chandra Source Detection
Sabine McConnell - Distributed Data Mining for Astrophysical Data
Jonathan McDowell - Spectral Energy Distribution Data Model for the VO
David M. Mehringer - The CARMA Database System
Geoffrey Melnychuk - Automatic Electronic Transfer of Astronomical Data and Metadata
Alberto Micol - Database of Instrumental Characteristics in a Real Observatory
Manfred P. Miebach - Hubble Space Telescope – Science Instruments Trending
D.J. Mink - Creating Data that Never Die: Building a Spectrograph Data Pipeline in the Virtual Observatory Era
Serge Monkewitz - WAX: A High Performance Spatial Auto-Correlation Application
Tom Morgan - he EVLA Software System Overall Design
Robin D Morris - Modern Statistical Methods for GLAST Event Analsis
M.Moshir - Filtering of signal dependent noise applied to MIPS (70mn and 24mn).
Bob Narron - Spectral Extraction in the Spitzer IRS Pipeline
María A. Nieto-Santisteban - MaxBCG: The Importance of Database Systems for the Virtual Observatory and the Grid
Michael S. Noble - VWhere: An Extensible Filtering and Data Exploration Guilet
Ralf Palsa - Reducing VIMOS IFU data with Gasgano and CPL-based pipeline recipes
F. Pasian - Planck/LFI Pipeline - The Demonstration Model
Mikhail Pavlov - The VST data reduction: an application for GRID infrastructure
M.Pesenson - Image smoothing and segmentation based on Shrira-Pesenson equation
Olga Pevunova - New NED XML/VOtable Services and Client Interface Applications
Matthew Phelps - Building a General Purpose Beowulf Cluster for Astrophysics Research
Francesco Pierfederici - FLIPPER: a FLexIble PiPEline fRamework
Adrian Pope - Astronomical Computing within Data Archives
Marc W. Pound - Spreading DIRT with Web Services
Saskia Prins - A new Data Flow System for the Nordic Optical Telescope
Thomas Quinn - SALSA:an interactive tool for parallel analysis and visualization of Astronomical data sets
Jordan Raddick - K-12 Education with the National Virtual Observatory
Kevin P. Rauch - The CARMA Correlator
Mike Read - The WFCAM Science Archive and other WFAU work
Guy Rixon - Access Control in AstroGrid Software
M. Rosa - Wavelength calibration in physical model based calibration pipelines
Nathalie Rossat - ESO Archive Services
L. Rottler - Use of the GENIE software for Automated Detection of Features From MSX/Spitzer Images
Alberto Salama - Recent developments of the ISO Data Archive
Tsuyoshi Sawada - Development of a Virtual Observatory Prototype in ALMA-Japan
André Schaaff - XML Web Services at CDS
Isabelle F. Scholl - Integrated Access to Solar Data using EGSO
Bernhard Schulz - A Data Analysis Package for Bolometer Ground Testing
Bernhard Schulz - Improved Reduction Algorithm for ISOPHOT-S Chopped Observations
Rob Seaman - The NOAO Data Cache Initiative - Building a Distributed Online Datastore
Eric Sessoms - FITS Query Language
Diego Sforna - A metadata layer to enable VO-compliant access to the ESO/ST-ECF Archive
Ed Shaya - Merger of VO Data Model, Ontology, and High Level Query
Yuji Shirasaki - Structured Query Language for Virtual Observatory
Patrick Shopbell - The COSMOS 2-Degree HST Survey: Data Handling and Mining
David Shupe - T he SIP Convention for Representing Distortion in FITS Image Headers
Petr Skoda - PESO - The Python Based Control System of Ond\v{r}ejov 2m Telescop
O.M. Smirnov - Taming The Measurement Equation With MeqTrees
Robert. J. Smith - The robotic Liverpool Telescope data flow model
Jeff Stoner - The AAS Professional-Amateur Electronic Registry
Dieter Suchar - Managing ESO's Operations Data Flow systems
Giuliano Taffoni - Prototypes of a Computational Grid for the Planck Satellite
Masahiro Tanaka - Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO) prototype 2
Peter Teuben - Theory in a Virtual Observatory: some demo
Ani Thakar - New Features for VO-Enabled Data Intensive Science with the SDSS Data Release 3
Brian Thomas - A quantity-based object-relational hybrid system for the VO: the NOAO NX system implementing a catalog model
Seathrun O Tuairisg - WebCom-G: Implementing an astronomical data analysis pipeline on a Grid-type infrastructure
Urvashi R.V. - Monte Carlo Image Analysis in Radio Interferometry
Harro Verkouter - Gbit/s I/O at the European VLBI dataprocessor - clustered silicon and long fiber
Alessandra Volpato - Astronomical database related applications in the project
Cosimo Antonio Volpicelli - SOLARNET – The federation of the Italian solar data archives
Claudio Vuerli - Grid-related activity in progress at INAF
Kiri Wagstaff - Making the Most of Missing Values: Object Clustering with Partial Data in Astronomy
Phillip Warner - A Conceptual Domain Model for the NOAO Science ArchivE
Marc Wenger - A New SIMBAD Software and System - Simbad 4
Ekkehard Wieprecht - JAVA based Astronomical Software - The HERSCHEL/PACS Common Software System (PCSS) as example
Greg Wilson - Telescope Automation and Remote Observing Software (TAROS)
Shilong Stanley Yao - A Case Study of Applying Object-Relational Persistence in Astronomy Data Archiving
Jason Ye - JDBC Driver for the AIPS++ Table System
Anzhen Zhang - RADAR: A Fast, Scaleable and Distributable Archive Inventory Service
Ivan Zolotukhin - Optical Camera with high temporal resolution to search for transients in the wide field


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